Friday, October 24, 2008

Proposal 2 in Michigan 2008

Foreword: If the following text sounds a little opinionated, well that's because it is. You are free to have your own no matter how wrong it is, I'll still respect it unless you're a dumbass.

So let's have a debate. I want to discuss some points on the Michigan Ballot for 2008. Specifically proposition #2. I'll try my best to present both arguments, and some of the facts about the bill itself.

This is what will be on the ballot on November 4th:
The proposed constitutional amendment would:
• Expand use of human embryos for any research permitted under federal law subject to the following limits: the embryos –
– are created for fertility treatment purposes;
– are not suitable for implantation or are in excess of clinical needs;
– would be discarded unless used for research;
– were donated by the person seeking fertility treatment.
• Provide that stem cells cannot be taken from human embryos more than 14 days after cell division begins.
• Prohibit any person from selling or purchasing human embryos for stem cell research.
• Prohibit state and local laws that prevent, restrict or discourage stem cell research, future therapies and cures.

In my opinion, if you're a pro-life kind of person, you should probably vote no. otherwise, why the hell would you not vote yes? It is my belief that government should never stand in the way of the free market. Did that sound familiar to all my republican friends out there?? It is also my belief that this country should be beating the shit out of all other countries in the world for medical advancements, and cutting edge technology. I don't think we really are. No one talks about it on TV, so I wouldn't know. I wouldn't even know where to search to figure that shit out.

But I digress. NOWHERE in the Proposal that we are voting for, does it make any mention of tax dollars, or grants or money or anything. This simply allows the research of embryonic stem cells, and makes it illegal to outwardly try to stop the researches from doing their work, or open facilities. No promises made to anyone, just putting it out there that you can do it here.

Think of the boom to our economy that would create. We've got so many god damn college grads in this state, that we could fill those facilities. Pump money back into our LOCAL economy. Who gives a shit about Wall Street? I know the shit they do effects me, in like some long term shit, or if I've bought a house in the last 5 years... but from day to day, as long as I have a job, shit pretty much stays the same. It's not like I make more money if the DOW goes up. Woopti fuckin doo. Look at those graphs and shit, it's crazy.

Wow, sorry for the rambling. I guess for all the people who are on the fence about abortion as far as how late into a pregnancy you can do it, I think this will help you sleep at night. And not that I would never ask someone to get one, but I can understand that sometimes it is the better option. I don't think it should be ever made illegal, and I don't think it'll happen. Well it made me feel a little better when I found out that the "embryos" couldn't be past 14 days of cell division. I wonder what that looks like. I did a little searching and couldn't really find a picture of a 2-week embryo. I found some older ones that look like babies but at 2 weeks, it's not even close to looking like a baby. Or a bird-fish-monkeyman, or whatever the hell we are.

Regardless, I'm sure if it was your baby, you wouldn't want someone poking and prodding its little dead body, no matter how much it resembles a huge juicy booger. Oh man I'm going to hell.
But if it was made by two people who had never met, in a lab somewhere, then is it that awful?
Yeah, it's still pretty freaky, but I believe it is progress not murder.

Other states are passing legislation, and they are getting the new jobs that would go real well with three global manufacturing corporations taking a fuckin perpetual nosedive into an eternal death spiral. Detroit was made for that shit.

So let me know how you feel. I think I've ranted enough for one night.

Peace in the Middle East bitches.

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