Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome family, friends and acquaintances. Have you ever wondered how our money system works? Or questioned the basic underpinnings of the global monetary system? Do you think money is the root of all evil? If you’re a Christian, you should. If you’re a Jew, or Muslim, or Buddhist, or Hindu, then also read on. :)

If you’re Atheist, then you should just pray for your own soul. LOL

Anyways, I have not-so-recently come to the realization that the scarcity-based profit-driven economy, and therefore society, that we are living in, is corrupt to the bone. I have come to this revelation not on my own. It was with the help of this young man by the name of Peter Joseph, and his movie, the Zeitgeist.

Below is an embed of his second movie on this topic, Zeitgeist: Addendum

p.s. If you want a DVD version of the entire movie that you can watch on a regular TV, let me know and I’ll send you one free of charge. Trust me, if you watch it, you’ll want to share it with friends. Otherwise, i'd advise you to go to youtube, and search addendum, and watch parts 2 thru 15 or whatever.

It’s kinda involved, so pay attention!!
I hope that you take a couple hours and check it out. Remember, I’ll send you a free copy if you ask nicely.

This was not Mr. Joseph’s first film. Of course, Zeitgeist the movie is the first. You can see it here if you choose:
(Quick Disclaimer: If you are turned off by conspiracy theories, or are not secure enough in your faith to here someone refer to it as a fairy tail, then you should probably skip this movie.)

Again, if you want a free DVD quality copy, hit me up.
Well. Wow. That is some heavy shit right?
I know.

It bummed my Mom out when I showed her. My Dad was intrigued. The range of reactions that these movies get is quite wide. You are either totally turned off or want to know how you can get involved.

These ideas, and the dramatic events of our current state, have really made me think twice about the path that we're on, and have lead me to believe that WE CAN DO BETTER.

PLEASE Let me know what you think. If I am getting too heavy, or just being weird, also let me know.

Much love, and PEACE in the middle east.

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